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No Arrows, Less Humility

From the book of poetry 'Animal Souls' by Michael Fisher

Are we comfortable?

Do we feel accountable to someone?

Have we just grown tired

All in this one instant?

Moods are inconsistent

We are irresponsible

And desire persuasion

If you are not this, you are that

Just desire persuasion

Prepare for an invasion

Fly your flag

Let us know who you are

Or better still

Whose you are

Only illusions...

...Fuck the humility

And question authority

More, much more than that

Are we inferior?

Do we wish to be someone else?

Fuck the humility, do you like yourself?

Let us take a breath and live again

Let's live again...

Only illusions... outside this box

Stand tall, stand or fall

Fly your flag and don't be humble

Speak with yourself

Fall under influence only

Just desire persuasion

Get comfortable, this instant!

Let us live again

Outside this box... only illusions

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