Midnight Sky

(feat. Annika Catharina)

"No lyrics were written when I first heard the music to what would become 'Midnight Sky'. The music was mysterious and unique.  It reminded me of the sky at night, and I have always thought the night sky was beautiful. As I grew older and learned more about the universe, I became fascinated with the mystery and all the unknowns that extend beyond the sky we see each night. 

I studied the arts in school and wasn't the best at science, but I would love to peer into the minds of those who study the universe. I can only wonder what's out there that hasn't been discovered. In a way, it helps me dream and keep a sense of wonder in my life—the kind of wonder I had as a child."

- Annika

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Music by Michael Fisher | Lyrics by Annika Catharina

Produced by M. Fisher & P. Cordalis at Green Room Studios, Abbotsford BC

The Players ...

  • Annika Catharina (lead vocals)

  • Mara Hatklin (background vocals)

  • Tim Ellephones (drums)

  • Allan McDonagh (electric guitar)

  • Andy Shearer (dobro)

  • John Fultz (keys)

  • Pete Cordalis (keys)

  • Michael Fisher (bass, acoustic guitar, keys)

Mastered by Greg Mindorff at Suite Sound Labs, Vancouver BC

Cover Art by Michelle Duff Studios 

Video made with Rotor Videos

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