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Tell Me Why

NEW Animal Souls single OUT FRIDAY FEB 17

“Most of us, I think, battle internally with the forces of good and evil, our inner voices. It’s what makes us human, our ability to reason and try to do the right thing, but also accept ourselves for who we are. That is what Tell Me Why is about, I think… “

The song was written in the early days of the Covid pandemic and originally appeared as the 4th track on the 2021 album ‘Wisdom of Crowds’. This remixed and remastered version will be available on all digital platforms on Friday, February 17. 

Thanks for listening!

The Players...

Gary Baker (lead vocals)
Jackie Lee (backing vocals)

Preston Sawyer (classical guitar, backing vocals)
Corey 'McFly' McPherson (drums)
Chris Murray Driver (claves & shaker)
Tim Ellephones (djembe)
Michael Fisher (bass, electric guitar, synth)

Words & Music by Michael Fisher

Produced by Michael Fisher
Mastered by Greg Mindorff at Suite Sound Labs (Vancouver, BC)

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